InfoPhilic WordPress 5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are used to extend and add WordPress functionality. They make it easy for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code. But, while using plugins, there are the things that matters. Similarly, it also important to use Related posts plugins.

Related posts plugins do not create bulky code. They have large functionalities with minimal settings that will not distract from what you really need to do.

Here, I am listing out some Related posts plugins that will make your WordPress site great.

1. JetPack:

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

I think Jetpack plugin provides most powerful WordPress features. It is lightweight and has quite awesome features.


The most amazing of it that it help you automatically promote, share, and optimize your content for largest readership. (Although, everyone wants visitors.) So, I guess this is best one.

It is updated often and made by itself.

Additional  features of JetPack:

  • Easy to install, setup, and learn
  • Site stats a plus for multi-author Blogs
  • Makes comments and subscriptions easy
  • Make sharing easy
  • Shortcode Convenience

2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP):

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

YARPP is one of the most recommended plugins to show related post list. It uses an ingenious algorithm to decide which posts and pages are the most relevant to the current post. It uses caching mechanism to so that it will generate related post lists through the cache.


  • Cut bounce rate
  • Engages users by displaying most related content.
  • Increases pageviews/visit
  • Improves On page SEO

3. Related Posts for WordPress Plugin:

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress plugin is a lightweight alternative to more popular related posts plugins. It performs all the resource-intensive tasks in the admin area and uses cache to display related posts.


  • It importantly focuses on performance.
  • Faster and does not slow down your website.
  • Supports thumbnail and textual display of related posts list.
  • 10% increment of internal traffic to your site.

4. Inline Related Post:

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

An inline related post is basically a link to a relevant article with a significant difference. Instead of showing related posts below content, this plugin shows them inside your articles.

With inline related post plugin, you can style related posts without distracting the user from reading the current article. And hence, it interlinks your content and improves your SEO.

In addition, it works with powerful algorithm through which it checks grammar rules inside content like punctuations, line breaks, paragraphs, tags.

5. Contextly Recommends:

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Contextly is an engagement tool that aids you to build a loyal audience. It explores your site by identifying evergreen posts and personalize recommendations for return readers as well.

It uses powerful machine learning algorithm so, it will not slow down your site. In addition, it consists of powerful curation tools. For example, in-story sidebars, ways to choose related links, and ways to drive readers to things that are important to your site or business.


  • Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate
  • Boost Your SEO and Page Views Per Reader
  • Turn Visitors into Return Readers or Customers
  • Promote E-Mail Lists, Videos, Events and Products
  • Produce Click-Through Rates as High as 10%

I hope this article help you find the related posts plugin for your WordPress site. Also you can check my tutorial to setup free universal SSL for your site. Let me know which plugin you choose for your blog in the comments below.

Amit Malewar
Amit Malewar has been the tutorial writer since 2013. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for InfoPhilic, Amit loves to read and try new things.

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  1. Hi Amit,
    I have been using Inline Related Posts plugin. Through your post, I have come across 'Contextly Recommends'. Going to try it.


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