5 Marketing Strategy You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog

5 Marketing Strategy You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog

Blogging today has not only become a lucrative industry in terms of money but also have become very competitive. Being blogger is not that much kind of easy. It needs lots of hard work, various strategies involving sharing strategy, optimization strategy, marketing strategy etc.

Blogging is not just about writing; it is a complete business that involves in-depth understanding of a topic (domain), digital marketing, and sales. Many people have chosen to blog as their career. Although, with blogging, they learn about content marketing.

Today, with the growing competition, it is not easy to get success at blogging. You need to follow lots of different strategies.

Likewise, the market strategy is one of them. Here, I’m listing some beneficial marketing strategies that you must follow for promoting your blog.

1. Optimize your blog for search engine:

Like Optimizing search engine, it is also necessary to optimize your blog post. Search engine optimization helps you to index your website in the various search engines. Likewise, optimizing blog post makes easy for search engine to read your post.

Almost 60-70% of the traffic generated by the top-notch blogs all around the globe comes from Search Engines. Hence, it is extremely important to optimize each of your blog post for search engines.

To optimize blog post, you need to do following things:

  • Start With Quality Content
  • Determine Targeted Keyword
  • Write Strong Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Internal and External Links
  • Optimize the URL

2. Submit Guest post for popular blogs:

Guest posting is very much famous now. All the blogs which have guest blogging enabled, get most of the guest writers by the backlink reason. Guest post often generates a lot of referral traffic to your blog from the link in your author byline.

In addition, writing a guest post for popular blogging platform also gives fame to your blog and you as well.

3. Create a network with fellow bloggers:

A few days ago, even I had a question, why my blog not getting enough traffic. I asked a famous blogger on twitter, then he suggests me to get connect with fellow bloggers and create a huge network. He asked me to set up a connection and have a purposeful communication with them. I found him right and started doing as he said. And now I am getting enough traffic.

What it actually causes?

Interacting with fellow bloggers gives you a motivation to stay consistent in what you do. In addition, it also helps you give a killer tribe. Connecting with other bloggers in your niche is definitely one of the most effective market strategies.

4. Get Active on Popular Forums:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get guidance about new marketing strategies from pro bloggers by following their blogs or by communicating with them. The best place to set up a communication is a forum or community group.

A community forum is the only place where many bloggers and field experts come and share their strategies.

If you having any queries regarding your topic, you may ask there. You will get best feedback and updates over it.

Being active on forums can help you garner knowledge, network with like-minded people, build links to your blog and generate good amount of traffic to your blog

5. Promote Yourself as a Blogger:

Promoting yourself as a blogger creates a good influence on people. It helps to generate more friends and followers on social media. Due to such influence, they can also promote their blog posts on their personal social media profiles. Use these tips you can increase social traffic on your blog.


I hope you will surely get success to promote your blog using above listed marketing strategy. To improve user engagement on your blog you must decrease bounce rate on your blog. Let me know what marketing strategy you using to promote your blog in the comment section.

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