Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links

There has been an increase in spammy links that violate Google’s guideline’s on the links (guest posting) that make Google issue this sudden warning.

Over these last passing months, Google has detected a rise in spam links included in articles. In most cases, they were referred to as contributor posts, guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts. These posts are nothing but the posts that generally written on the one website, and published on a different one.

In reality, the company does not discourage such kind of posts when they inform users, educate another site’s audience. But unfortunately, there has been an increase in spam links that violate Google’s guidelines on link schemes that make Google issue this sudden warning.

In addition to this warning, Google also stated some factors to explain other article writing and distribution practices that are against its guidelines. They are as follows:

  • Stuffing keyword-rich links to your site in your articles.
  • Having the articles published across many sites; alternatively, having a large number of articles on a few large, different sites.
  • Using or hiring article writers that aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they’re writing on.
  • Using the same or similar content across these articles; alternatively, duplicating the full content of articles found on your own site (in which case use of rel=”canonical”, in addition to rel=”no follow”, is advised).

Having such articles on your site does cause bad impression that may change Google’s perception on the quality of your site. Thus, it drastically affects the site’s ranking.

Google also stated that, if they found such sites creating articles for backlinks that violates Google’s policy, they will take a strict action.

Sometimes, site owner does not easily accept a guest post content that is aggressive and repeated. For such site owners, Google stated, they have Google’s spam report form to report against spammers.

According to Google, If if, any site owner does accept for guest posting, they need to ask following questions to themselves:

  • Do I know this person?
  • Does this person’s message fit with my site’s audience?
  • Does the article contain useful content?
  • If there are links of questionable intent in the article, has the author used rel=”nofollow” on them?

Wrapping Words:

I hope this article will alert you to link building. Considering it will improve’s your site’s content, impression and everything including links.

Amit Malewar
Amit Malewar has been the tutorial writer since 2013. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through in the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for InfoPhilic, Amit loves to read and try new things.


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