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8 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

Everyone want to get good Alexa rank. Alexa offers a toolbar that gives suggestions to internet user on where to go next, based on the traffic patterns of its user community. Although, it is the best way to know the popularity of your website/blog. It shows 99% correct ranking of a website among whole internet sites in the world. So, it is essential for freshers to know about Alexa rank.

It works as an analytic tool for website/blog and shows the country and global ranking as well as visit ratio and bounce rate of the website/blog. If you have a higher rank, then 70% more reader likes to reach to your site. The increment and decrement of Alexa rank of your site depend on website traffic.

If you want to earn through advertisement present on your site, then you need to show your site rank. If another professional company intends to work with you, they check your Alexa rank to know your site position on the web. You can see daily updates of site’s rank on Alexa’s official site.

So, let’s know some tricks to increase your website Alexa rank:

1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser:

It is the simplest way to improve ranking. It sends site’s data to the server. Server saves each activity of visitors, from where they are coming.

2. Add Alexa Widget on your site:


Through widget, visitors always like to check ranking by clicking on it. It gives same benefits as Alexa toolbar.

3. Write review article for Alexa:

If you write a review article for Alexa, then it will create significant impact for your website. Keep keyword as ‘Alexa’. Keeping high keywords gives the best search engine result. It even improves your site’s values. By doing this, you will get regular on your site.

4. Make high-quality backlinks:

Backlinks are the links that are directed to your website/blog. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that site on the web. As we all know, backlinks are essential for SEO scope. It is because some search engines give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

If you want good SEO results, then you have to focus on backlinks of your site. It is one of the basis through Alexa show’s rank of your site.

To get more backlinks:

  • You can do a guest post on another site and add your website’s link in it.
  • You can even post comments into another post.

5. Write quality original content:

If you are writing about anything, then it is most important to write original quality contents. If you have quality original content then readers, like to visit your site. It also improves your site’s bounce rate and increases site’s ranking. By quality materials, other bloggers would like to add your site’s link to their blog. Through this, you get backlinks from other’s site, and as I said earlier, Alexa rank also depends on backlinks.

6. Update post regularly:

Updating post usually gives you lots of traffic on your website. Through this, visitors regularly check your site in search of new information. Hence, this also improves your site’s Alexa rank.

7. Create Facebook and Google+ pages:

Mostly people regularly check their social profiles. Social media referral makes a huge difference to your business success. So, creating pages on Facebook and Google+ causes extensive engagement of visitors. It is the simplest and free media referral to improve traffic. Posting each new post on pages will give you more referral traffic. You will get more than 1000 visitors regularly by posting on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

8. Focus on your viral content:

Try to share content that is related to the most viral contents of your website. It instantly generates user’s reaction. A perfect piece of content or media can easily net your site millions of inbound links. If the material is very good, unique and worthy, then people feel compelled to recommend it across social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Means, you might get lots of traffic as per daily basis.


So these are the best 8 ways to improve your website’s/blog’s Alexa rank. If you want to use other options to increase traffic, then you can buy Alexa premium plan. It will improve site’s ranking and traffic as well.

Amit Malewar
Amit Malewar has been the tutorial writer since 2013. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for InfoPhilic, Amit loves to read and try new things.

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  1. Alexa has always been a mystery to me. Followed all the steps you’ve mentioned and now looking forward to the next Alexa update. Hoping to see a positive result on our website

  2. Hi Amit,

    My experience has been that, as our Alexa ranking improved, so did our sales. This makes great sense, as we practice a very passive sales approach for our site We provide a ton of free content and even free products. That brings people to our site and keeps them coming back hence the constantly improving Alexa ranking.

  3. Thanks for sharing this type of blog it is awesome. The way this blog describe I really liked it. My website Alexa rank was 9,197,058 and right now 1,463,306


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