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How To Increase Social Traffic On Your Blog

Do you complain about blog’s traffic? Do you think no one cares/read your blog? Well, we all have been there. We expect lots of comments and shares after publishing. But, we get nothing. Am I right? If you are finding a solution on it, then you are at a right place. We all know the social traffic is essential for the blog.

Social traffic refers to the visitors who came across social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. It is the most second essential source of traffic. We get overall 26% of traffic from social media. It is the channel where users can easily be influenced. Although, it directly affects your search engine. 31% of direct visitors are almost new whereas 41% of the visitors who came across social media are new. Thus, social factor plays a major role in search engine ranking.

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There are lots of bloggers who complains about the ineffectiveness of social media. But, there is always a way to the solution. In reality, the traffic amount you want to manage from social media and their engagement is all depends on you.

Yup, you read it correctly. It all depends on how you create your social media posts and the share-worthiness your content. So, first of all, be serious about your content. I know, it is not easy to get lots of social traffic but it’s not that much difficult. There are some ways that give you lots of traffic from social media. There are various factors you should keep in mind before making it social.


So, first of all, be serious about your content. I know, it is not easy to get lots of social traffic but it’s not that much difficult. There are some ways that give you lots of traffic from social media. There are various factors you should keep in mind before making it social.

Here I am providing some factors that will give you social traffic.

1. Create Share-Worthy Content:

While creating any content, make sure that you are creating a content that causes engagement of people. People must find it interesting to read. Creating a quality content delivers a good experience to your readers and they would like to share. Because your content speaks to your audience enough that they want to share it. It also provides value to your audience and speaks to their interests.

2. Share Your Contents Multiple Times:

This is the great way that, share your content more than once. Here, whenever I suggest this factor to people, they generally ask me a question: Does it really doubles the traffic?

Then yes. It actually triggers a strong reaction. The more often you share, the traffic is more than the doubles and you will more likely you are to get clicks.

You can create a sharing schedule: it will help you for how often you want to share your content on each network. Your message should not send one after right another. Because it may consider as spam. For example, If you have shared a content today, then share it after 2 days or a week later or a month later.

3. Use High Conversion Keywords:

The keyword is a significant word or phrase that may impact your SEO. So it is important to choose keywords that have potential that customers will search for. On social media, high converting keywords creates more engagement. Using them intelligently in your social media updates can increase the visibility and effectiveness of your posts.3. Use Visual Content For More Engagement

4. Use Visual Content For More Engagement:

Visual content mimics an important role in people online growth and engagement. It also encourages your readers to discover more about your brand. There are 65% of people are visual learners on your blog. So, it makes sense to use content types which people have a native psychological resonance with. Here are 6 types of visual content that you can add to your blog:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Presentations/Slides
  • Screenshots

5. Use HashTags(#):

HashTag(#) is a tag to identify messages or quotes or post related to the specific topic. Various people on social media use hashtags to expand the reach of the post to their followers. It also brings lots of new audiences to your blog. Using more than one hashtag. I suggest, use more than two hashtags per post so that it will increase the effectiveness of your content. For example, Using two to three hashtag while posting on twitter gives you 21% more engagement.

6. Make Sure You Have Social Media Friendly Website Structure:

Your site structure describes the quality of your site. A good site structure gives a great experience to your reader. Your website layout also impacts SEO. So, create an impressive design. It must be professional. Google also appreciates a clean, professional and fast-loading design. So, you need to have a website structure that encourages visitors to share your content and follow your social media contents.

7. Identify Top Performing Content:

Top performing contents attracts the highest engagement. Identifying such content is also important like identifying right channels. Similarly, you also need to keep a close eye on how you can leverage it to increase your overall social media engagement. These both things gives you a sustainable stream of high converting social media traffic to your blog or website.

I hope above all factors will definitely help you. I would like to know your responses in the comment section.

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