InfoPhilic SEO Meta Keywords: Should You use them or Not?

Meta Keywords: Should You use them or Not?

In 2009, Google officially announced that they do not use the meta keywords tag in web ranking. Later on, Yahoo! and Bing also did the same.

Every practitioner might have an idea about meta tags. Meta Tags have been one of the most basic elements of SEO. Meta tags are nothing but the meta keywords snippet that describes your page content. Most of the bloggers use meta tags to introduce their blog/site to search engines.

But, the truth is- they are totally useless now. Still, most of the site owners are continuing to use them. This post is especially for them.

What are Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords term was primarily introduced in 1995. They contain keywords or phrases alerting search engines of a website’s content to be included in search results for users requesting related information.

This meta tags element (like all meta elements) is invisible to visitors but visible to search engines. Those elements would then used to rank on search engines.


It’s like reserving keyword to ask Google directly to just rank you. But, as the web became more commercial, people started spamming this keywords element. And thus, search engine started ignoring them.

These meta tags have no direct contact with focus keyword. The focus keyword is the feature of Yoast SEO, where the main keyword that you want to rank for your page. It helps you to satisfy your article for the focused keyword. So when people search for that keyword, they’ll find you.

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

In 2009, Google officially announced that they do not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking.

What about other search engines?

In the same year of October, Yahoo declared that they no longer use the meta keywords tag anymore either. Like the other majors, they no longer supports it.

Later on, in 2104, Bing stated,

“Today, it’s pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to bots plying the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flat-lined years ago as a booster.”

So, I suggest, don’t waste your valuable time on searching for LSI and related keywords. Instead, focus on writing long and quality content. Also, spend some time on main keyword research. Although, it’s worth. Because meta keywords are expired but main focus keywords are still alive.

How to Disable Meta Tags in WordPress Site by Using Yoast SEO?

Currently, Yoast SEO is considered as the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WordPress users. While this Yoast SEO supports all the technical optimization, more on that below. It helps you write better content, forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere.

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Similarly, through it, you can disable meta tags.

How to do this:

  • Log in to your WordPress website. When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’. On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘SEO’
  • You have entered in your ‘Dashboard’. On the menu bar that appears on the left-hand side, click on ‘SEO’.
  • There will be an option named as ‘Titles & Metas‘  if you enabled advanced settings. (If not, first turn it on.)
  • Click on the ‘Other’ tab across the top.
  • Now, select Use meta keywords tag to disable.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’.

Your meta tags are disabled now.

The reality is, that if you’re trying to rank through tags that are only a little competitive, it won’t help.

Bonus Tips to improve rank:

It may feel complex and mind-boggling task. But, here are some techniques to get better ranking.

  • Improve user experience.
  • Create good and quality content.
  • Make users like to spend a lot of time on your site.
  • Write Long and Engaging Content.
  • Consider Site Speed. Speed up WordPress.

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So these are the best technical ways to improve your website’s/blog’s rank. These factors will definitely help make your on-page SEO better and more likely to rank on search engines.

Let me answer if you have any questions in the comment section below.

Amit Malewar
Amit Malewar has been the tutorial writer since 2013. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for InfoPhilic, Amit loves to read and try new things.

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