How to install Pure CWM Recovery on Xperia C

install Pure CWM Recovery on Xperia C
Pure CWM Recovery on Xperia C

Hello readers, in my previous tutorial I have shared how to root Sony Xperia C. Let’s consider you have successfully rooted your device. So as I said rooting your Sony Xperia C will allow you to install mod apps and custom ROM. To get all the benefits you need to install Pure CWM recovery on Xperia C. So through this tutorial, I am going to tell you steps to install CWM Recovery on Sony Xperia C.

So here is the list of some benefits –

To install Pure CWM Recovery you need following things

  • Your Sony Xperia C must be rooted. (How to Root Sony Xperia C)
  • You must have S1 Boot Version 2.14.J.2.6 or 2.14.J2.13 or 2.14.J.2.16

How to check S1 Boot Version?

  1. Dial *#*#7378423#*#*
  2. Click service info
  3. Check the software info.

Once you confirmed with S1 Boot Version as mentioned above you can proceed for the further part.

  1. Install Mobile Uncle tool (you can download it from here).
  2. Download Pure CWM Recovery file here.
  3. Copy the downloaded Recovery file in you SD Card.
  4. Run Mobile Uncle tool.
  5. Tap on recovery update.
  6. Tap on recovery.img which is on SD Card.
  7. Tap on Yes to boot into recovery.

Hope, you have successfully installed Pure CWM Recovery on your Sony Xperia C.


If any issue arises, feel free to ask in the comment section.

  • Pranjal Mehar

    Can’t we install it on other devices? If yes, then what kind of changes require for it?

    • Hello Pranjal, you can not install this CWM Recovery on other devices.
      You need different recovery.img file for different devices as per their configuration

  • Hey Hardik, to boot into recovery mode simply install Mobile uncle tool, open it and tap boot into recovery
    Done 🙂

  • hardik

    I hv done all these steps …installed mobile uncle tools and tap into recovery doesn’t work..actually i hv rooted my phone before also nd my phone was dead …is this is prblm not coming into cmw recovery mode?

  • hardik

    Its dom

  • hardik

    Its done bro…Thank u so much…

    • Glad 🙂
      It worked for you.
      Thanks for visiting.
      Keep visiting