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How To Target Country-Specific for Website Traffic

Website traffic is an essential thing to get good rank for your website. Increasing traffic amount optimizes visitor’s amount and increase your visibility. But, Wait !! Analyzing traffic does not always mean counting your visitors per day or per month. There are various ways to increase traffic to your website. For example, advertising your content, getting social, paying attention to page SEO, etc.

Everyone knows that countries like U.S and U.K better converts advertisement and affiliate sales. Well, I mean to say target country-specific traffic can give good results. Some of the website’s contents are primarily targeted for a particular country or language. As a result, the content of such websites will not be of high importance to the other areas in the world.

I am sure there are many bloggers who are blogging from AdSense income, want to target traffic from specific countries. So, here in this post, I am going to share you some easiest ways to improve traffic source by targeting your website.

1.Google Webmaster Tool Geo-Targeting:

Google Webmaster Tools provide you with a tool, a geographic target that helps you to target country-specific Geo-Targeting. Through this, you can select a country from the given list you want to target. Thus, it will give you traffic from targeted source.


To use this tool, you first need to log in webmaster tool. Go to the Site Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Web Hosting Server Location:

Your server location is also an essential factor for Geo-targeting. The location of the hosting server as that plays a vital role in the quality of its distribution. So, to focus on your target, host your website only in the country whose traffic you’re targeting.

3. Track Keyword Progress in Country-Specific Searches:

I already have told you in previous articles, use high-quality keywords. Now, you need to track the keywords which you have used in your blog. Track the keyword progress in your targeted country. Once you find this, you can decide about your strategies and which should you continue.

  • You can use LSI keyword generator to create high-quality keywords.
  • To track the keywords, you can use services like SEMrush or Google AdWords.
  • You can even use Google Trends. It is a search analysis service that shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

4. Backlinks:

Back-links are used to determine the popularity of content as it is an important aspect of SEO. So, it is a good idea to target country-specific backlinks.

5. Content base targeting:

Content base targeting makes your content more keyword-targeted. Additionally, it gives a clear signal about which country you are targeting.

Readability is the main SEO Factor in which you have to determine all readability factors according to the country. For example, if you are using Indian standard language, then it may get difficult for you to target U.S. traffic. So, make sure you are using good language and good writing skills.

6. Domain Name:

Your domain name is capable of impacting both your online reputation and search engine rankings, especially in local search results. So, using a correct domain name is also essential.

If you are using a country-coded domain, you won’t be able to specify a geographic location. And if you are using the country-coded top-level domain, it is already associated with a geographic region.

7. Submit Website To Local Search Engines & Directories:

Submit your website to local search engines and local web directories. This leads to getting country-specific backlinks. Thus, it is considered a significant factor in determining the geo-location of your traffic.

I hope, you find this tutorial helpful. Please let me know in the comment section.

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  1. hello, Amit… I have education job search site.And I want to target only India.Give me some website for improve my rank and searching.

  2. nice and descriptive post. here is one question to ask Amit. is that really matters the hosting country where the servers are installed?


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